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Surreal is an exciting young artist who creates music that exposes the He(ART) while eliminating the vulgarity . He is not just a rapper, he is a lyricist, a producer, song writer, composer and multi-instrumentalist. As an NAACP ACT-SO Alumni Surreal earned six medals, five of them gold allowing him to compete in five national categories and earn a scholarship to Full Sail University where he earned his Bachelor's Degree in Recording Arts. Surreal's debut single "Deashaun" released in 2013. His new singles "Superman" and "Do it to Em" released in 2014.  

Whayne and Tonya

Co-Founders of Figtree & Siblings. Pastors of REAL Ministries/Total Renewal Church. 

Tonya - Educator Trainer  

Whayne - Author Speaker Mentor

Toshi J

Toshi J is a Christian author, poet, actress, and founder of the He(ART) movement, who believes art is meant to be used as a tool for expression.

She first discovered a passion for poetry and writing in elementary school, after losing her Nana. When she started suffering from depression, anxiety, and anger, she put pen to paper in order to deal with her emotions.  While poetry is her first love, in middle school she discovered a passion for acting. 

Her writings tend to focus on real, hard, life situations, and connects them to emotional expression and Christ. The overall goal is to draw people to Christ, as well as open their eyes to everyday issues and situations.

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